odc.geo.cog.save_cog_with_dask(xx, dst='', *, compression=<odc.geo.types.Unset object>, compressionargs=None, level=None, predictor=<odc.geo.types.Unset object>, blocksize=<odc.geo.types.Unset object>, bigtiff=True, overview_resampling='nearest', aws=None, client=None, stats=True, **kw)[source]

Save a Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF to S3 or file with Dask.

  • xx (DataArray) – Pixels as xarray.DataArray backed by Dask

  • dst (str) – S3 url or a file path on shared storage

  • compression (Union[str, Unset]) – Compression to use, default is DEFLATE

  • level (Union[int, float, None]) – Compression “level”, depends on chosen compression

  • predictor (Union[int, bool, Unset]) – TIFF predictor setting

  • compressionargs (Optional[Any]) – Any other compression arguments

  • overview_resampling (Union[int, str]) – Resampling to use for computing overviews

  • blocksize (Union[Unset, int, List[Union[int, Tuple[int, int]]]]) – Configure blocksizes for main and overview images

  • bigtiff (bool) – Generate BigTIFF by default, set to False to disable

  • aws (Optional[Dict[str, Any]]) – Configure AWS write access

  • client (Optional[Any]) – Dask client

  • stats (bool | int) – Set to False to disable stats computation

Return type:



Dask delayed