Geometry.geojson(properties=None, simplify=0.05, resolution=None, wrapdateline=False, **props)[source]

Render geometry to GeoJSON.

Convert geometry to ESPG:4326 and wrap it in GeoJSON Feature with supplied properties.

  • properties (Optional[Dict[str, Any]]) – Properties to include in the GeoJSON output.

  • simplify (float) – Tolerance in degrees for simplifying geometry after changing to lon/lat. Larger number will result in a smaller (fewer points) and hence faster to display, but less precise geometry. Default is 0.05 of a degree. To disable set to 0.

  • resolution (Optional[float]) – When supplied, extra points will be added to the original geometry such that no segment is longer than resolution units. Passed on to to_crs().

  • wrapdateline (bool) – Passed on to to_crs()

Return type:

Dict[str, Any]


GeoJSON Feature dictionary