Geometry.to_crs(crs, resolution=None, wrapdateline=False, *, check_and_fix=False)[source]

Convert geometry to a different Coordinate Reference System.

  • crs (Union[str, int, CRS, CRS, Dict[str, Any]]) – CRS to convert to

  • resolution (Union[float, Literal['auto'], None]) –

    When supplied, increase resolution of the geometry before projecting. This is done by adding extra points such that no segment is longer than resolution units in the source CRS of the geometry. Reasonable value for the parameter depends on the application. Lower value will result in higher precision, but larger output geometry and slower processing.

    Consider using simplify() on the output of this function to reduce the size of the ouptut, especially when using high precision transform.

    If not supplied project the geometry as is without adding any extra points.

  • wrapdateline (bool) – Attempt to gracefully handle geometry that intersects the dateline when converting to geographic projections. Currently only works in few specific cases (source CRS is smooth over the dateline).

  • check_and_fix (bool) – When True remove vertices that didn’t project cleanly and apply .buffer(0) is geometry is not valid after projection.

Return type: