Geometry.explore(map=None, tiles='OpenStreetMap', attr=None, map_kwds=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plot Geometry on an interactive folium leaflet map for rapid data exploration.

  • map (Optional[Any]) – An optional existing folium map object to plot into. By default, a new map object will be created.

  • tiles (Any) – Map tileset to use for the map basemap. Supports any option supported by folium, including “OpenStreetMap”, “CartoDB positron”, “CartoDB dark_matter” or a custom XYZ URL.

  • attr (Optional[str]) – Map tile attribution; only required if passing custom tile URL.

  • map_kwds (Optional[Dict[str, Any]]) – Additional keyword arguments to pass to folium.Map.

  • kwargs (Any) – Additional keyword arguments to pass to folium.GeoJson.

Return type:



A folium map containing the plotted Geometry.