static GridSpec.from_sample_tile(box, *, shape=(-1, -1), idx=(0, 0), flipx=False, flipy=False)[source]

Construct odc.geo.gridspec.GridSpec from a sample tile.

Bounding box of one tile, it’s index, and a shape of the tile in pixels fully define a grid. This method could be more convenient than canonical representation.

  • box (Geometry) – Geometry of the tile in some CRS

  • idx (Union[Tuple[int, int], XY[int], Index2d]) – ix, iy index of the sample tile, default (0, 0)

  • shape (Union[Tuple[int, int], XY[int], Shape2d, Index2d]) – height, width of the tile, must be supplied

  • flipx (bool) – when True grid index for X axis increments left to right

  • flipy (bool) – when True grid index for Y axis increments top to bottom

Return type: